Parental Control App

No. 1 Mobile Phone Monitoring App

Monitor your kid's' mobile activity with Parental Control App and keep them protected from cyberbullying and other online threats. With the app, you can monitor calls, chats, GPS, SMSs, emails, social media and much more without getting caught by your kids. Allows parents to manage apps, games, supervise mobile activities on your mobile screen. Download today Parental Control Software & Child Monitoring Software for Android Smartphone.

How Does It work?

A quick Installation Guide for You


Download the Parental Control & Screen Time App on your kid’s mobile devices


Install and give necessary permissions to access kid’s device features and apps


Open the app, sign up through email and click on a confirmation link received in your email account


That’s it. Connect your phone with the kid’s phone and start monitoring your kid’s mobile activity



Fabulous Features of our App

Safe Browsing and Internet Filtering

Advanced internet filtering allows parents to block certain websites that aren’t good for kids. Beyond just blocking website, our app blocks the keywords and provide safe content on all major browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.)

  • Block adult and other inappropriate websites
  • Customize kids’ browsing experience by blocking specific keywords
  • Blacklist certain malicious websites (porn, drug and weapon-related)
  • Provide safe browsing experience

Locate Your Kids in Real-Time

Our location tracker feature allows parents to locate their kids in real-time. With a single tap, you will have your kid’s accurate location and also a history of that’s day trip. With this, you can ensure that your kids have reached on time at school, tuition classes, friend’s home or any other place. Finding a lost device can never be simpler but Parental Controls Software can make it easier to find a lost device.

Get peace of mind & ensure kids are under your surveillance.

Multimedia Monitoring

For parents, it’s necessary to know what kind of content the kid is sharing and watching. Parental Control Software makes it possible. With the app, you have full access to browse the gallery of a phone and even delete the data remotely.

  • View image, video and other visual content
  • Listen to Audio files and call records
  • Take screenshots
  • WhatsApp Media files & Telegram Downloads

Restrict Apps, Games
and Social Media

With our app, parents have full control to manage apps and games installed on the kid’s mobile. Parents can restrict or block them anytime. Allows parents to watch over all social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Skype and more


Be a Smart Parent!

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Monitor your kids' activity without being noticed by kids