Abeelo’s philosophy is very simple: If you think you can make fashion we’ll give you every tool to successfully do it.

What is Abeelo?

Abeelo is a unique social platform for fashion designers that allows to

  • Sell your designs, clothes and jewelry
  • Manage your own store
  • Raise funds for new collections
  • Build and maintain an audience of followers and fans of your work

Start your fashion:

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What if I just like fashion and shopping? Abeelo’s social network provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Keep up with your favorite designers
  • Shop and buy unique items
  • Share ideas and designs you like
  • Participate in fundraisers to support young designers

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How it works:

We know that the most frustrating issue for new fashion designers is appreciation and recognition, “what will happen if nobody will like my work? Why should I even waste my money on manufacturing?” We solve that and allow our Fashion designers to upload their sketches to the portfolio section and see if people like it or not.

You can discuss your work via our platform, get and share ideas with other designers or customers.

After you will get a feedback on your work you will be able even to raise money for your new collection by starting a new project on the fundraising section.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@abeelo.com

Abeelo – Create Your Fashion