Block Kid’s Pornography Activity

Block Kid’s Pornography Activity

More than 49% of teens get influenced by online pornography. This is a red signal for all the parents who are growing up teen kids. As a parent, you must have to keep your eyes on your kid’s mobile activities. With our app, you can block such porno websites and stop them completely.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

Block pornography-related apps on your kid’s mobile

Alerts you when such kind of content is displayed on your kid’s mobile

Restrict the use browser to avoid such vulgar content

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

Today’s kid generation is tech-friendly and knows how to use it better than adults. Because of this, kids are easily getting influenced by online pornography. Such addiction may ruin your kid’s life socially and academically.

With our Parental Control App, you can easily block the pornography related apps and content from your kid’s mobile phone. This feature allows you to restrict the use of such games and apps where such porn-related content is shared. Do not let your kids be a part of this nefarious industry and keep them protected with our all in one Parental Control App.