Block Kid’s Websites

Block Kid’s Websites

An open Internet isn’t a safer place for Children. The Internet is full of inappropriate websites and pornography content that kids shouldn’t get access to consume. With our parental control app, you can filter websites and block porn websites to keep your child safe while browsing content online.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

Block inappropriate websites, apps and games

Grant your kid access to educational and other quality materials only

Filter online content and establish a safe browsing space for kids

Set time restriction to block internet access during a specific time interval

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

There are plenty of websites that as a parent, you do not want your kid to get access to. If you’re worrying that your child may get access to inappropriate or unwanted content on the Internet; you have hit the right place.

Our parental control app, you can block the access of such websites within your private control panel. You will be able to keep track of the websites your kid has visited before and can block them instantly when you notice unusual content. Stay on the top of your kid’s safety by blocking dangerous websites.