Monitor the Calendar and Contacts activity of the child

Calendar & Contacts Monitoring Parental Control App

It’s essential to know your kid’s calendar activities and who is in his/her contact list to avoid harmful situations in the future. With the app, you will be able to see unusual calendar activities and track new & existing numbers with ease..

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

• View name and numbers of people in your kid’s contact list

• Monitor your kid’s calendar unusual activities.

• Get information about person name, number, address, email, etc:

• Browse scheduled meeting details of your kids.

How This Feature Will be Helpful to You?

Kids generally do not tell parents about their scheduled meetings and events to meet people. Then how could you know that your kid is going to the meeting to whom? With our Parental Control App, you can supervise your kid’s calendar entries like party plans, concert or meeting with a friend from social media platforms..

Along with this, you can monitor your kid’s address book and save the contacts in your device. This way, you will have a number of a person who is going to meet your kid on a scheduled place and time. You can use the blocking feature to restrict conversation between your kid & any suspicious contact.