Call Logs – Keep it in Your Radar

Call Logs

Review the list of dialing and receiving calls on your child’s mobile phone in seconds. Use Parental Control App to block and/or limit the call interaction with persons that are dangerous for your kid.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

Get all receiving and dialing calls data of your kid’s phone

Block and/or limit unwanted calls

Get Access to see information about callers

View call duration, timestamps & time sequence

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

Keeping a sharp eye on your kid’s call log can prevent several troublesome situations. This feature allows parents to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, name of the caller, call timestamp, duration, chronology and much more. This would help parents to identify an online predator or cyberbully when a phone of your kid is rightly organized and connected with the control panel. Our parental control feature sends you the push notification when your kid gets a call or dial a number that you have blocked earlier.