Monitor Kid’s Installed Apps Activity

Monitor Kid’s Installed Apps Activity

Thousands of apps are listed on the play store and Apple store daily; out of them, many are entertaining and educational while some of them are total time-wasters & poses dangers to your kid. With our parental control app, you have an option to choose what apps would be installed in your kid’s mobile and which aren’t.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

View the list of installed apps even the hidden ones on your kid’s device

Block the unwanted apps instantly to prevent your kid from the trap

See the details of every app (name and version)

Restrict the usage of apps that aren’t suitable for your kids

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

Many kids find gaming apps & social interaction apps that are highly addictive to them. A teen shouldn’t be playing such games; it might ruin your kids academically & socially. Better to be careful and keep your kids away from such dangerous apps. How would you know what kinds of apps are installed on your kid’s mobile?

With our parental control app, you can get a list of apps with names and versions installed on your kid’s mobile. You have an option to restrict the use of apps or even block the apps on your kid’s smartphone. Stay ahead of any issues with our parental control app.