LINE Spy App - Monitor Kid’s Line Messages Activity

Line Monitoring Parental Control App

The line app is similar to WhatApp – a free app for texting and calling. It also includes games, avatars & many more activities that make it an attractive one for online predators and teens. With the parental control app, parents can read all the conversations and see the files that are shared on the app.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

See the contact list with numbers and name

Track all incoming and outgoing calls with time and date stamps

Track all the hidden communications & always know what your kid is doing on it

View all the multimedia files shared in groups and to individuals

Read all sent and received messages from your control panel at any time

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

Since introduced, the Line App has been becoming popular among teens because it’s free & has plenty of features. Apart from this, it has a special option (secret chat) that may create dangers for your lovely child. Cyberbullies and online predators may use such features to lure teens into a big trap.

Our Parental Control App can enable parents to monitor Line app activities and read all messages anytime anywhere. You will have a close eye on every activity happening on your kid’s mobile phone. Keep your kids protected and prevent them from doing wrong activities on Line App.