Set Screentime and Block Games

Set Screentime and Block Games

Parents do not want to let their kids spend more time on smartphones and tablets playing games and watching videos. After all, it creates negative impacts on the kid’s eyes and minds too. With our parental App Control, you can disable all the mobile apps and web browsers by scheduling the app usage time.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

Set the screentime of your kid’s mobile & reduce the mobile activities

Disable the apps for a specific time period to let your kids do their homework

Block mobile apps and browser tool to restrict online browsing

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

As kids love to spend time on mobile phones; they do not complete their other tasks like studying, outdoor playing and other extra-curriculum activities. For parents, it’s necessary to keep away your kids from a mobile phone for a certain period of time.

With our Parental Control App, you can easily block all or certain applications from the mobile for a specific time period. This way, kids can spend time completing homework and other daily activities. You can also set screen time as per your family’s breakfast, lunch, dinner & bedtime as well.