Skype Spy App - Monitor Kid’s Skype Messages & Conversations Real-Time

Skype Monitoring App

Teens and the young generation love Skype over another similar platform as they can chat, share photos & videos, files, make video and phone calls for free around the world. Only the internet is required. So, it’s a favorite tool for online fraudsters and predators. Keep an eye on your kid’s Skype activities with our parental control app.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

Block the unwanted person or restrict suspicious contacts too

Monitor all your kid’s messages (sent and received ) of all his Skype friends. You can even trace the deleted messages.

Track your kid’s Skype call dialed and received with time and date stamps.

Review all the multimedia and other files shared in a group or to a person

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

Skype is the #1 communication tool for both kids & predators. It’s a widely popular and highly effective app to talk with people living anywhere in the world. So, this app also attracts teens and keep them engaging with others on video calls and chats. Along with these, they share multimedia files including personal photos and videos.

Without Parental Control App, parents can monitor all Skype activities from the private control panel without getting noticed by kids, you are spying on him/her. You can even block or restrict unwanted friends on Skype. Stay on the top of your child’s Skype activities and keep him protected against dangerous entities.