Tinder Spy App – Chat History and Monitoring Software

Tinder Monitoring App

Tinder is considered as one of the finest and widely popular chatting apps among the young generation. It’s time to monitor your child’s Tinder activity with our Parental Control App to protect them from online predators on dating apps.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

Monitor your kid’s Tinder activities to make sure that your kids aren’t falling a victim to scammers or fraud person.

Supervise your kid’s chats on Tinder to prevent a dangerous situation that might put your kid in danger emotionally & physically.

View matches of your teen & all interactions with them. Also, monitor search parameters your kid has set on Tinder.

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

Tinder is an easy way for online predators and cyberbullies to target teens for nefarious purposes. Thousands of sock puppet accounts are there to catfish teens romantically. Teens don’t have a critical thinking quotient to differentiate who is real and who is fraud online, especially when he/she is chatting on dating apps.

With our comprehensive Parental Control App, you will have complete control over your kid’s Tinder account. You can view and monitor kid’s activities like chatting, sharing images, right swipes and much more. Keep your kid safe from such potential dangers of using dating apps.