Snapchat Spy App - Monitor Kid’s Photo, Video, Contacts, Massages Activity

Track Snapchat with Parental Control App

Snapchat self-destructs all the posts with photos & videos in just seconds automatically, this makes quite difficult for parents to get access to files. With our Parental Control App, you can see all the content published on the Snapchat app no matter it is deleted before or not.

With Our Parental Control App, You Can:

Monitor Snapchat Messages sent and received on your child’s device

View Multimedia Files (photos and videos) on your kid’s device

View all outgoing Sapchat data on your mobile phone anywhere, anytime

Track the time & date of outgoing snapchat text and data

How This Feature is Helpful to You?

Snapchat offers an illusion to children that every post will be self-destructed forever and no one will get it ever. But they do not understand that there’s a possibility to take a screenshot that will be shared on other social media platforms. Then, it may lead to sexting, cyberbullying & chat with the online predators.

With our parental control app, you can monitor your kid’s Snapchat activity and help him to get out of such traps built by cyberbullies. Prevent your kids from unwanted and dangerous snapchat activities.